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Counter Strike game - gameplay is simple: there are two types of teams (terrorists and counter-terrorists) and three types of default maps (de - defuse the bomb, cs - rescue the hostages and as - save the president) also there are custom types of maps, like gg, dm, aim, awp and other.

All theese maps are for deathmatch types servers like csdm, gunxp, gungame, zombie plague ant etc. Counter Strike game is available to play with bots - NPCs (single player) and with real players - your friends and other players (multi player).

To play online you need to connect to a server, but don't worry, server list is included by default in our Counter Strike game download. And also you should now that to download counter strike game you don't need to pay anything - cs game download free is one of our features. Of course this version is cs 1.6 non steam so you can't connect to steam servers, but you can connect to cs 1.6 non steam servers.

You can also use counter strike game torrent download - tpb (thepiratebay torrents).

Enjoy you free counter strike game download!

Counter Strike gameplay Counter Strike game download

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Counter Strike game download CS 1.6: rar Install CS 1.6: zip Install Counter Strike game torrent download ()tpb)