Download CS 1.6 - CS 1.6 Version 48 (V48).

CS 1.6 V48 - How to download?

CS 1.6 V48 - It's modified version of Counter Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6) game, it's version 48 of CS 1.6 game released few year's ago and counted a huge amount of this game version fan's.

This game version have a lot of fan's (players who play CS 1.6 with version 48 build of CS game), because in this version of the game you will find fixed a lot of game bug's, updated graphics (player's and gun's model's), updated sound's, details of the map's and much more.

With CS 1.6 V48 you can join any CS 1.6 game server (Protocol 47, protocol 48 and double protocol - 47+48), this version of the game have only one bad thing - With this version of the game you will not be able to join STEAMED CS 1.6 game server if you will use NON-STEAM game version, but this the thing, you will find not only in version 48 of CS 1.6 game. All non steam game version's have that problem.

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