CS 1.6 bots

CS 1.6 BOTS - CS 1.6 download with BOTS

CS 1.6 BOTS - Counter Strike 1.6 single player feature, CS 1.6 bots are included in our CS 1.6 download so downloading it you will be able to install CS 1.6 with BOTS. CS 1.6 are able to adjust their skills to any map, also there is bots modifications, when bots can play knife, zombie plague, deathrun and other modes.

These features gives you ability to enjoy CS 1.6 offline gaming with smart CS 1.6 bots. Our bots are simple, so they will be able to play only on standard maps and modes, to get CS 1.6 smart bots you should Google CS 1.6 with bots and pick other CS 1.6 download site.

Bots are included on all Rampage CS 1.6 download clients, just click "CS 1.6 download with BOTS" button and complete your download. Enjoy it!


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