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CS 1.6 KGB Download

CS 1.6 KGB - Its a very old CS 1.6 gaming community, KGB project have a hosting, a lot of game servers and most importat - Modified version of Counter Strike game which have a large count of players. A lot of Counter Strike players is bored of classic game version and looking for new modified game versions, so for this reason a lot of this legendary first person shooter game lovers use KGB game version which is very popular today.

A lot of websites share fake version of CS 1.6 KGB, so players cant find a good original version of this game, for this reason we decided to share this good original version of CS 1.6 KGB game with our visitors.

Version KGB have a lot of very important bugs fixed, latest HD models and high quality game sounds installed, in this version of the game you'll find a very sleek offline version of the game, when you'll click New Game button, early, you saw only bots count, difficulty and map settings, now you'll see a lot of new functions like a CSDM, Zombie, Surf and other game modifications gameplay offline availability.

Choose one of two download methods which we described in index and other subpages early and DOWNLOAD CS 1.6 KGB!

CS 1.6 KGB download. CS 1.6: rar Install CS 1.6: zip Install CS 1.6 KGB TORRENT.