CS 1.6 Boost or how to make your CS 1.6 server popular?.

CS 1.6 Boost - How to get more players in to your CS 1.6 server? How to make your CS 1.6 server popular?

CS 1.6 boost - CS servers list of our CS boost masterserver.

Do You could not find an effective way to publicize your Counter-Strike server? We can help you. We offer one of the most effective cs servers boost and popular ways to attract new players on your server.

How does the cs boost system work? It's very simple, probably already know that we distribute NON-STEAM Counter-Strike game client which is installed MasterServer by which we have the opportunity, to all players who use our CS client to send the list of CS servers. Now, perhaps you want to know where the game instead of the server list cs boost?

Just run Counter-Strike game (just double click a shortcut which is on your desktop), click "Find Servers" button and click "Internet" category - There are our CS Server's list.

Our CS game client daily downloading hundreds of CS players from all over the world, so that all of these players you see advertised in the server and as a result your server will be boosted become more and more popular every day, good luck.


  1. Reduce the number of files sent by the server to a minimum.

  2. If your server is installed HIGH PING KICKER plugin set maximum permitted players ping to 200-250.

  3. Make sure that the virtual private server where you hosting your CS server internet connection is stable and have high quality.

  4. Don't use COUNTRY KICKER plugin.

  5. Don't use any slowhack plugin's (like a GameMenu, autoconnect, etc.) it will make "reliable channel overflow" error.

  6. Make sure that your server motd.txt file is not too large and that its contents are in good order.

  7. If your server has a few players, dont change map to large, for example if in your server playing only 2-10 player's, but map changing to cs_assault, de_nuke, as_oilrig or other large map. We recommend that you use plugin which will automatically change a large map to small map, if in your server playing only few player's, for example to de_dust2_2x2, fy_pool_day or other.

  8. Last but not least try using cs boost services. It is one of the best and fastest ways to make your server popular.

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CS Boost - How to make Counter Strike 1.6 Server popular.

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