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CS 1.6 torrent – Counter Strike 1.6 torrent download doesn’t cost anything, just like other CS 1.6 downloads. This download doesn’t differ from CS 1.6 orginial download, the only difference between CS 1.6 install and CS 1.6 download is that, that CS 1.6 torrent will be extra fast (if many of seeders is online) or little slower than usuall download (if there are no seeders online).

Both downloads – CS 1.6 torrent and CS 1.6 install will lead to .exe file download, so you don’t need to use extra programms like uTorrent (TPB) to download CS 1.6.

Compatible withWindows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Mac OS
PriceFree to play, cost no money
Size175 MB
CategoryCounter-strike 1.6

If you are still don’t understood how to download cs 1.6, just follow these steps:

  1. Scroll to bottom and select CS 1.6 torrent download or CS 1.6 install download (the difference already been described).
  2. When your everything is ready wait till CS 1.6 download will be done.
  3. Install CS 1.6 as usual Counter Strike 1.6 client.

If you are having problems with our Counter Strike 1.6 download please contact us in form, which could be found in index page. Thank you for downloading cs 1.6 torrent from our site!

How to download and install Counter-strike 1.6 game direct torrent

If you want to download Counter-Strike 1.6 game just click one of two link’s, first one is direct download link, just click it and you will directly download Counter Strike 1.6 game for free after few seconds, if you want to download CS 1.6 .torrent file and download game using uTorrent or another torrent client just click on second link. 1st button – DOWNLOAD SETUP is for direct CS 1.6 download and 2nd button – DOWNLOAD TORRENT is for CS 1.6 download through torrent client.

Game clients features:

Still don’t know which link i should click for CS 1.6 download? Direct download of the game, we recommend only to those users who have a good internet connection, so if your Internet connection isnt good – Use uTorrent, BitTorrent or anywhere other torrent application for Counter Strike 1.6 game download.


Counter-Strike 1.6 – This is a first-person shooter type game developed by Valve Corporation and distributed by Steam, the game is already eleven years, the game was developed by modifying an even more ancient game Half-Life. Earlier this game was distributed only to the Half-Life game supplement, but now the game is distributed and sold separately. The major players in the CS 1.6 consists of illegal players who use illegal – NON-STEAM version of this game which is now very widespread, legal players are much less simply because that is necessary to pay for about 10 $, but during the holidays, this game, very often offer discounts, Steam, Valve corporation, and other projects encourage NON-STEAM players switch to legal side of this game. Counter-Strike 1.6 game has multiplayer and singleplayer (the game with virtual opponents – bots) multiplayer game mode is much more popular than the singleplayer, because CS 1.6 singleplayer mode has nothing better then singleplayer game mode. CS 1.6 multiplayer game mode is very developed, it has a very wide selection of servers and a lot of different game variations, such as: Zombie Plague, Surf, CSDM and others. This game is a very successful piece of Valve Corporation, which brought millions dollars of profit and swept countless awards. So, if you want to download this wonderful game you can do it directly from this page by clicking the DOWNLOAD SETUP button.

Lowest Computer Requirements:

  • Procesor 0.8GHZ
  • RAM 128MB
  • Graphics card 32MB
  • Hard disk 500MB
  • Keyboard, mouse,

Recommended Computer Requirements:

  • Procesor 1.1GHZ
  • RAM 1GB
  • Graphics card 128MB
  • Hard disk 700mb
  • Internet, keyboard, mouse,


CS 1.6 game maps, sounds and models are an integral part of the game counter strike. A lot of cs 1 6 players are not limited to the standard of the game and are looking for modified files. Newer and more beautiful attributes of the game, so if you do not know how to download and install these attributes. You can download Counter Strike 1.6 map’s, model’s and/or game sound’s very easy from www.GameBanana.com, move the computer mouse pointer in the left corner of this page to the top. Then click on GAMES button and choose CS (Counter-Strike 1.6) button, just click on this button. After this just choose NEW SKINS or NEW MAPS button and click on one of them. After this you will see a huge list of CS 1.6 map’s or skin’s, enjoy it! If you want download sound’s for Counterstrike game from gamebanana WEB page. Then move the computer mouse pointer in the right of this page to the top. Click on Misc button and click on Sounds button. Browse categories section and click on Counter-Strike 1.6 button. It is the center of the page, enjoy it. How to install CS 1.6 maps, models, skins or sounds? Just find Counter-Strike 1.6/cstrike on your hard drive. Upload maps to cstrike/maps folder. Then upload skins files to cstrike/models folder and sounds to cstrike/sounds folder. If need to replace old files just click YES TO ALL button on dialog box.

Recommended servers

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