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Counter-Strike 1.6CS 1.6 server advertisement

Want to advertise a cs 1.6 server? With the help of the Turbo-boost cs service, your server will have many players in a short time. We have created a unique advertisement feature for server owners and players.

CS 1.6 server boost – is a our service that help server owners to get more players playing in their server. We offer serveral ways to boost players. You can choose our plans: TOP, Lite-Boost, Turbo-Boost.

Server promotion CS 1.6

Each server owner dreams to  have as many gamers as possible playing in their Counter-Strike 1.6 server. It is difficult to achieve many players playing, but don’t worry. We created Turbo boost service, which will help gain players to your server.

  • You just need to go our website to register on our website.
  • After that, the number of players will gradually increase.
  • Our promotion of cs 1.6 will increase in server traffic, the purchase of admin rights, the use of VIP privileges.

Our methods are highly efficient. They will help increase the number of players who want to play in Counter Strike 1.6 online. On our site, everyone can use a wonderful service that helps to increase the number of gamers. You don’t need any effort to get players online.

Servers prohibited

  • Download the client files .exe .cmd .jar .vbs .bat .com .dll and other such files.
  • Players will put an automatic connection. *(Auto connect).
  • Automatic switch players on other servers. *(Redirect or /server command)
  • Do not change the menu of the player. *(GameMenu) and sever can’t change player nick name.
  • Change config.cfg (except for additional keys), userconfig.cfg, autoexec.cfg.