• PC: Windows xp 7 8 8.1 10, Mac OS
  • Latest update: 2021-01-25
  • Language: English

Counter-Strike 1.6 2021 is a latest version of the game with graphical changes. In addition to graphical and visual updates, the game also has also functional updates. This version have GSClient patch, that allows you to connect any server. It also have no bugs, no glitches and no errors. All of these changes will make your gameplay even better. The additional features does not conflict with the system and servers.

New features in CS 1.6 2021:

  • Updated weapon models;
  • Updated game interface in dark blue colors;
  • Modified standard player models + HD models;
  • Large selection of best servers;
  • Based on the GSClient patch ;
  • Protection against viruses and hacking;
  • Newest Non-Steam Build of 2021;
  • Support for all Windows versions, including XP;
  • Added bomb indicator;
  • New bullet holes, grenade explosion and blood;
Name2021 year release
Compatible withWindows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Mac OS
PriceFree to play, cost no money
Size175 MB
CategoryCounter-strike 1.6

New year edition weapons

All in game items and weapon skins is updated and looks completely new. Classic rifles, shotguns and other weapons have been replaced with new look, or have been completely re-modeled. For example, the Glock is now blue and white, and the AK-47 is more detailed and beautifully textured. Get game and be amazed what developers have prepared for you. Unlike other game versions, game skins is created brand new. In previous versions skins was reused from other games.

Developers spend more time to create knife model and effects. The classic knife has received an updated model. Now, instead of a gray knife, you can attack opponents with a beautiful and colorful model knife… Also, the game devs has worked on the gloves. Bright and steel gloves look much better and more interesting. Glitchy animation in CS 1.6 2021 has been fixed for convenience and comfortable play.

New Characters

The updated player models looks higher quality. In the command and selection menu, you will see all the same information as in the standard version. Selection menu tools and equipment remained the same. Now the terrorists are painted in slightly different colors, just like the counter-terrorists, the models were textured in a new way.

New changes will allow you to react faster and distinguish between opponents. Classic skins now will look more unique and reconizible from each other. Thanks to the models, you will improve your reaction and be able to win more rounds. It will help spot and understand wether an opponent in the dark corners of the map.

English version

The client is made entirely in English with the ability to run the other language version (there will be option in installation). The main menu is English language, which allows even a beginner to choose the basic settings and find a server. You can quickly and conveniently buy weapons, select a team and read the necessary information about the desired weapons or machine gun.

Radio commands remained the same as in previuos versions. English version support any keyboard language. Gamers are able to write to chat or nicknames in any language.

Fast download and install

CS 1.6 2021 with advanced bots and new features of the Non-Steam client takes only couple seconds to install. Download the file to your computer using the method convenient for you. Our site allows you to download the game via torrent, direct link or through other servers. Click on the desired link and wait until all files are saved.

After downloading, it remains to install the client. Select a folder and other options. The process does not differ by installing other programs and takes two minutes. As a result, you will receive a working version of the legendary shooter Counter-Strike 1.6, which will allow you to enjoy the gameplay at any time.

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