Counter Strike 1.6 Final release

Counter Strike 1.6: Final Release

Final release is an unofficial golden edition of Counter Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. CS 1.6 Final download package contains with great features - textures, optimization and better connection. Patch is mixed with Counter-Strike: Condition Zero maps pack, models, sounds and in-game menu`s. Also this edit gets modifications, like: premium servers list, protection from slowhack, disabled cheats and custom game menu. Package is optimized for the best player experience. Download Counter Strike 1.6 Final Release now for free - from RAMPAGE servers via torrent or browser download. Both ways high download speed guaranteed. Enjoy the gameplay!

Counter Strike 1.6 Final Release download links:

CS 1.6 Final CS 1.6: rar Install CS 1.6: zip Install Counter Strike 1.6 Final Release