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Its 2019! And 20 years passed after this amazing counter strike 1.6 was released, time goes fast isn’t? This game was the best game of its era, and is now. And we all know why, counterstrike was and is most popular online shooter in the world. It is not surprising that in game servers you meet players between age of 10 up to 40 years old. The prime time of the game was in 2002, when valve released CS1.6, which is popular today – people downloading and playing game even now. The older versions 1.0 and 1.5 wasn’t that successful as 1.6 game version. Today games are different than they use to be in past, for the same reason we prepared you to download latest CS 1.6 2019 version to remember old good memories!

Believe or not, this game is still popular in 2019. Everyday people are searching for counter-strike keyword in Google. Every month millions people typing various keywords to find answers and one of them is to download game. This game is still active and have healthy population. And no wonder why – this game is still good.

When internet was young and connection wasn’t in everyone home, people were playing this cs 1.6 in computers cafe public places where you could get access to LAN and internet. Only there game lower could get pleasure to play game in zero ping, with no delay at all. It use to be only place to know real players skill, that doesn’t depend on ping or internet lag.

Name2019 release
Compatible withWindows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Mac OS
PriceFree to play, cost no money
Size170 MB
CategoryCounter-strike 1.6

With development of technology, internet got better and computers handle games way better. In 2019 there is even lower delay between player reactions, plus everyone have better computers for the same reason counter-strike game nowadays is more skill based than it use to be.

In 2019 game has improved protection against cheaters, new anti-cheat running on the game servers. There is new player vote based systems to determine who is cheating. There is plenty admin and vip players that can run /voteban commands and make game more fair. If you want to learn what can do VIP and admin players can do read Counter strike Admin rights. On the servers there is few type of players, one is free, others is vip and the rest is admins. They are playing together, admin and vip users doesn’t have any advantage against regular players.

New features of the game:

Counter-Strike 1.6 ( CS 1.6 ).
  • Classic design
  • New good servers game browser system
  • Client browser find only high quality servers
  • Is protected from slow hacking
  • Most popular maps
  • Advanced Bots



Counter-Strike doesn’t take any space in computer, works in low-end computers, the resources requirements is even lower than in 2000 and internet in 2019 is better. Ping and delay is not indicator to determine who is bad player and good. If in past because of lag you wanted punch monitor so hard, today you wont. This game strong community, many various ages players is playing CS game. You can meet different players from young boys, old people and even girls are playing it.

Latest version of CS 1.6 created in 2019

Game modifications didn’t change game play, it same good as in past, we only improved server browser system, optimized to game to work even more smooth. You might notice changes in the dust2 map, but its only because of new technology, the graphics is better than use to be back in year 1999.

In these days gaming its possible to see players better. For the same reason in 2019 its easier to aim enemy and heads-shot them. Gamers who already tried to play CS 1.6 again in 2019 was surprised, because game was more stable and even run goon playing on older computers. In game old players can see differences from original game from two decades ago. Now its way easier to see private messages in chat, many older players will a lot changes comparing to previous release.

These days there are many badly modificated CS game clients, and its hard to find good one. If you are in search of the best game client then you should try Counter-Strike 1.6 2019, the most optimized and stable game version!

This is good old classic counter strike 1.6 version, just better improved graphics, and better improved features. So, don’t worry that it is over modificated – its just original CS game made in 2019. Installation takes no more than 1 minute, we suggest downloading game client and get back into legendary game.

Why to download CS 1.6 2019 from here?

Remember times when it use to take many hours to download Counter-strike game? Hours of downloading is over! These days you can download anything in matter of seconds. We hosted download links in best servers in world, so you could download game fast. In other websites it can take up to 40 minutes to download game, while in ours you will get it fast fast!

We offer couple download links: one is pure installation exe format, other is .rar .zip archived version and last one is torrent file to download. In order to play game fast, you can choose one of these links. The installation format will install game for you, no need to have anything. While archived zip or winrar versions will require you to unzip them with windows extractor, 7zip program, or winrar program to extract game files. The last method the .torrent file requires you to have bittorrent or qtorrent program, it is fastest way to download CS 1.6 game, it can take only few second to download counter strike 2019 client. Check other pages how to install game using torrents or archived version.

Keep in mind if game size big and if it downloads long big chance you are download bad CS version. It might have suspicious viruses or game modifications that effect your gameplay. Our players to us is everything, so we tested game from any bugs and ensured there is no bad game modifcations. Game is fully tested from viruses and malware!

Recommended servers

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CS 1.6 2019 download links

If you are new and didn’t tried this old yet popular counter strike 1.6 game – you should do it now. And if you are veteran player who is not playing, just download cs 1.6 – just for nostalgia, you will remember all good memories. Who is better player is it new generation player or old veterans? The only answer is to get game and find out.

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