• Android: 2.2 or higher
  • Latest update: 2021-01-21
  • Language: English

We all know, CS 1.6 is one of oldest and best games around, it gained a lot of fans over years. Progress does not stand still, and now you don’t even need computer to play Counter Strike 1.6, you can play it on mobile. Now people can play it on Android smartphone. People enjoy game old memories using phone. Now CS 1.6 for android is more accessible than ever and its free of charge!

The control may seems really hard and inconvenient, but its only for the first time. Usually beginners first need to learn controls. But once you get used to the controls, you will learn play game as in computer. Have great time, shoot and aim at your enemies using the touch screen of your mobile or tablet. Game is more enjoyable when you can play it outside in nature. Not to mention developers made sure game is exact copy of original, so players can feel classic atmosphere of old times.

You can play several modes, in the first one you only play with bots controlled by a computer. And in the second game mode, you and your friends connect to the same server and enjoy the game, killing each other. Gameplay on mobile will surprise any fans of the game, because the game features completely identical to the pc version. Connect and select the side you want to play. You have two teams to choose from. 1. terrorists, you need to plant bombs and keep time so that it has time to explode. Or 2. special forces, then your task is to kill all terrorists, or to defuse the bomb.

Developers made sure APK game have every feature as in pc version of CS 1.6. This is very important for the fans. Thanks to this, you can spend even more time playing game.

At the beginning of the game you will have only one pistol and a certain amount of money for which you can buy some pistols or grenades. Therefore, only the most experienced players will always have good weapons. Choose your favorite map, each one will have a very interesting and amazing gameplay.

Join battles on fields whos playing on android or ios for free. Develop tactics with your friends and use them to win every game. Also you can read articles on our website written by most experienced players. It will help you get better.

There is always something to learn in Counter-Strike 1.6, even the oldest player can always find something new. Espescialy playing game on handheld.

Gamers will be pleased with the very fast game on android and how good quality sounds. Thanks to that there is a realistic feeling that you are in a real battle. As for the graphics, everything is as in desktop version of game.

On this site you can download CS 1.6 OBB or APK for android for free to try all of the above. Meet and compete with your friends live and show who is the most cohesive and experienced team.

How to add bots

In order to add bots, you need to go into the game and select: Multiplayer – LAN Game – Create Game – select a map and click OK . After that, on the server, click on the gear at the top – select the BOT Menu , click the Show button on the left and Close . Then click on the BOT Menu button that appears and add bots as you need. Have a nice game.

How to install CS 1.6 on Android

  1. Download the cache and unpack it to the root of the SD card (it should look like this: / sdcard / xash / ).
  2. Install Xash 3D.
  3. Install Counter Strike 1.6.
  4. Launch CS16Client and enjoy playing CS 1.6 directly on Android. Please note: Android 2.2 or higher is required!

Download CS 1.6 free for Android

Xash3D 0.19.2: download
Counter Strike 1.33: download
Obb: download

NameCounter-strike 1.6 APK
Compatible withAndroid 2.2 +
PriceFree to play, cost no money
Size283 MB
CategoryCounter-strike 1.6

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